What We Do

   Create Flawless Surfaces

Sinmat assists enterprise and small business customers create flawless surfaces by providing proprietary innovative chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) technologies. These CMP processes are based on synergistic combination of chemicals and nanoparticles to smooth out rough surfaces and topographies, thereby creating flawless surfaces in a rapid reliable and cost effective manner. Such polishing technologies – representing a $20B growing industry- play a critical role in several advanced materials manufacturing areas such as clean energy electronics, semiconductor manufacturing and consumer electronics and advanced defense optical and electronic systems -. Sinmat’s unique R&D ability to create customized polishing process provides significant value addition- to its customers in several ways- enabling low cost scalable manufacturing, achieving higher yields and integrating new materials and performance to existing systems. Some of the markets which posit by Sinmat’s technologies are the following.

   Energy Efficient Electronics

Advanced materials such as gallium nitride and silicon carbide enable new energy efficient devices such as LED based lighting of homes, electronics to power hybrid and electric vehicles, efficient power electronics for wind and solar energy conversion and all energy consuming industrial and residential systems. Sinmat’s polishing technologies helps semiconductor chip and wafer manufacturers improve performance and yield of such devices.

   Emerging Consumer Electronics

CMP technologies are widely used in manufacture of computer chips and manufacturing of smart phones and emerging wearable electronics. Sinmat’s polishing technologies for metals, dielectrics and other materials – e.g. glass and sapphire help achieve higher performance and better yields in manufacturing.

   Advanced Defense Electronics and Optical Systems

Such systems require innovative surface processing of advanced materials such as sapphire, silicon carbide, diamond, phosphides etc. Sinmat’s expertise in creating flawless surfaces will enable higher performance next generation electronic and optical devices and systems.

   Advanced Materials

New emerging materials ranging from superhard (e.g. diamond, nitrides, carbides, oxides) to ultrasoft (antimonides, tellurides, copper etc.), require innovative processing and finishing techniques. Sinmat possesses unique ability to develop novel polishing and the ability to scale them for low cost manufacturing.