Sinmat's portfolio of products assists its customers in all its planarization needs for both silicon and compound semiconductor devices (LED's, power devices). Sinmat's proprietary CMP technologies help to polish ultra hard materials such as SiC, Sapphire, GaN, and diamond, which are widely used in solid state and power devices. Sinmat has also developed processes for metals (Cu, W, Al) and dielectrics (SiO2 & polish technologies), which help in the manufacturing of IC circuits. The company works with its clients in a wide variety of ways.
  • Supply customized slurries
  • Provides polishing services
  • Jointly help companies develop CMP processes for their applications
  • Develop innovative products that are enabled by our proprietary CMP technologies
  • Other Slurries/Services

Other Slurries/Services

Sinmat has developed several innovative methods to polish a wide variety of materials ranging from metals to ceramics. The materials include Cu, W, Al, Ta, nitrides, carbides and oxides. Sinmat will closely work with its clients to install the process at their site and provide polishing resources. Sinmat’s uniqueness lies in our R&D capability to design and develop processes specifically addressed to the customers’ needs.