Sinmat provides complete nitride polishing solutions ranging from unique slurry products to customized polishing services.

Unique Aspects of Sinmat Technology

  • Ultra-high polishing rates (up to 10 times faster than existing processes)
  • Achieve atomically smooth surfaces with no sub-surface damage
  • Polish all surface types (lapped or mechanically polished) into epi-ready condition
  • Any nitride surface (GaN, AIGaN, AIN, etc., Ga or N-face, 'c' or 'm' planes)
  • High uniformity, easy scalability to multiple wafers for high volume manufacturing

GaN Slurry Products

  • Mechanical GN-MC-X

    Designed for lapped wafers resulting in ultra high removal rates (4 - 10 micron/hr) with excellent uniformity and surface planarity, and low sub-surface damage.
  • High Finish GN-HF-X

    Designed for rapid final-finishing, resulting in atomically-terraced surfaces with complete removal of sub-surface damage. The polishing rates are up to 10X faster than existing CMP methods.
  • N-Face CMP GN-NR-X

    Designed for high material removal rates (2-5 micron/hr) and ultra-smooth surface finish on the N-face of bulk GaN substrates.

Sinmat also supplies slurries for other nitride materials (AIN, AIGaN, AIInGaN, etc.)

Bulk/Custom Polishing and Reclaim Services

We employ in-house state-of-the-art equipment, metrology and processes to finish nitride materials into epi-ready surfaces. Sinmat develops unique turn-key processes customized to specific needs of the customers.

  • Any Type: GaN, AIN substrates, AIInGaN films, GaN on Sapphire/SiC/Silicon, etc.
  • Any Shape/Size: up to 100 mm diameter
  • Any Face: (Ga-face, N-face), or orientations (c-plane, m-plane)